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Pikes Peak Weavers Guild Modern Interpretations of Historic Coverlet Patterns

Welcome to the Pikes Peak Weavers Guild online gallery of our modern interpetations of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum historic coverlet collection. PPWG and the Pioneers Museum collaborated on a project to research, photograph, document, and analyze the history, weave structure, fiber composition, and artisan technique(s), of 42 coverlets plus additional fragments. We invite you to read more about it here.

The coverlets inspired several members of the Guild to bring the old patterns back to life with a modern twist. The modern versions were then shown along side of the coverlet collection in an outstanding exhibit entitled Beyond Bedspreads, at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Some weavers chose to modify the drafts, some chose a small motif from the larger pattern and reworked it into a new design, and some chose to work with more modern materials.

PPWG Guild member, Heather Hubbard, chaired the coverlet interpretation study group. Sandra Hutton collated the data from each weaver, and Jane Rock Costanza photographed the exhibit, and created the online gallery pages. The Pioneers Museum staff did an outstanding job of presenting the exhibit, complete with an opening night reception. Last but certainly not least, are the many talented PPWG weavers whose modern interpretations illustrate how timeless good design truly is.

Modern Interpretation Gallery

Simply click on the weaver's name beneath any thumbnail photograph to access a larger photo, description, and a link back to the coverlet that inspired the interpretation. Not all of the coverlets were interpreted. The gallery will be updated as members continue to be inspired by the historic collection.

Depending on where you are in the online galleries, your browser may give you a notice that an active X script is trying to run. Simply click on the notice bar and allow the blocked content. Another notice will ask you if you're sure -- it's fine to say yes (on the PPWG website).

While every effort was made to accurately depict the colors and condition of each item, allowance must be made for variation in computer monitors, and that many of the pieces were photographed through glass cases.

Each link will open in a new window. When you are done viewing, close that window to return to this page.

Gallery Slideshow
Doreen McLaughlin Beverly Weaver
Sandra Hutton Yvonne Mohr Robin Wilton
Diane Fabeck Susan Seufer Charlotte Updike
Maryse Levenson Heather Hubbard Heather Hubbard
Linda Shaffer Sally Kuhn Edna Devai-Alth
Judi Arndt Weldon "WW" Walker Carol Seeds
Susan Seufer Susan Seufer Susan Seufer
Edna Devai-Alth Catie Kiley Linda Lugenbill
Heather Hubbard Heather Hubbard Barbara Byerly
Siv Nelson Carol Wilkinson Sandra Hutton
Dottie Weir Gail Necker Karen Currier
Susan Bowman Edna Devai-Alth

All photographs are © 2008, Pikes Peak Weavers Guild, and may not be copied, downloaded, modified, or otherwise used without permission.