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Pikes Peak Weavers Guild is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation organized in 1959 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With approximately 70-80 members, PPWG meets regularly between September and May, conducts educational programs for members and the community, and supports projects that promote weaving, spinning, and dyeing in the greater Colorado Springs area.

The purpose of the Guild is to meet and exchange ideas and techniques relative to the arts of hand weaving, spinning, and dyeing; to help encourage and educate all weavers, spinners, and dyers to achieve the highest standard of excellence; and to educate and stimulate public interest in an appreciation of the arts of hand weaving, spinning, and dyeing. Monthly meetings & programs of an educational nature reinforce and strengthen members' interests in these areas. The Guild usually sponsors one or two multi-day workshops featuring well-known fiber artists and educators.

PPWG publishes an on-line membership directory and a monthly newsletter between September and June. Members may borrow books and periodicals from the Guild's library and rent weaving and spinning equipment from the Guild. Yearly dues are $35.00. Mail for the guild is received at the following address:

PO Box 8104
Colorado Springs, CO 80933-8104
Email: ppwguild@gmail.com

2021 - 2022 Board Of Directors

  • President - Kristen Brown
  • 1st Vice President - Laurie Luke
  • 2nd Vice President - Lynn Bamberg
  • Treasurer - Kathy Preller
  • Recording Secretary - Debbie Hoover
  • Membership Secretary - Joan Murphy
  • Member-at-large - Cathy Sterling
  • Member-at-large - Kim Villamarin
  • Past President - Met Innmon

Standing Committee Chairs

  • Advertising - Doreen McLaughlin
  • Demonstrations - Robin Sutherland
  • Announcements - PPWGuild@gmail.com
  • Hospitality - Linda Shaffer
  • Library - Kathy Dailey
  • Assistant Librarian - Cherie Irvin
  • Major Workshop - Sandy Buhler
  • Newsletter - Doreen McLaughlin
  • Publicity - Kim Villamarin
  • Samples - Sandra Hutton
  • Website - Robin Monogue
  • Audio/Visual - Doreen McLaughlin, Robin Monogue

Membership Information

Download 2021-2022 Membership Form
PPWG registration form for 2021-2022 Microsoft Word File
PPWG registration form for 2021-2022 Adobe PDF File

General membership dues are $35 per year. Fees may be paid by check and mailed with a printed copy of the membership form, or may be paid via PayPal below, and the membership form emailed to: membership@pikespeakweavers.org
Remember, PPWG must receive your membership form before your membership can be activated for the year.

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