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Community Outreach

Members of the Pikes Peak Weavers Guild believe it is important to share their knowledge of textiles and regularly participate in demonstrations and exhibitions of weaving, spinning, and other fiber related activities.

During the past year, PPWG members exhibited their works at the Fine Arts Center, Rock Ledge Ranch, the Pioneers Museum, Business of Art Center, Commonwheel Gallery, and other public venues.


The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Coverlet Collection:
: American Heritage Through Historic and Contemporary Weavings
photo of museum

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) is the restored El Paso county courthouse built in 1903. The museum is guided by its mission to collect, preserve, research, and interpret the history of the Pikes Peak region. Forty-two coverlets brought to El Paso county and donated to the museum comprise the coverlet collection. Members of the PPWG are thrilled to have the opportunity to study, analyze, document, photograph, be inspired by, and help sponsor the 2008 exhibit of coverlets.

coverlet graphicThe collection of coverlets in the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) was discovered when the guild helped sponsor the exhibit of Paisley shawls at the museum during Convergence in 2004.

Members of PPWG documented, photographed, and analyzed collection. In preparation, PPWG study groups researched 18th & 19th century coverlet weave structures, dyes and yarns. The project has led to a number of exciting events surrounding the coverlet collection.

An exhibit of selected items from the CSPM collection opened April 26 of 2008 and ran through 17 August. In conjunction with the exhibit, were modern woven, dyed, and/or spun interpretations of historic coverlet motifs completed by PPWG members. We invite you to view the coverlet collection in our online gallery.

Cambodian Child’s Dream Organization Latrine Project

Many Cambodian families live without even the very basic of necessities, such as a private, and sanitary bathroom. PPWG is proud to support the Cambodian Child's Dream Organization's Latrine Project. The donations from PPWG members funded the building of two latrines.

latrine project 1

family 2

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For more information please visit: www.cambodianchildsdream.org


Living With Beauty: Handwoven Textiles for the Home


A particularly exciting outgrowth of the project with the coverlet collection was the international juried exhibit titled Living with Beauty: Handwoven Textiles for the Home that was sponsored by PPWG. It provided a rare opportunity for weavers of items for the home to enter and display their art. The show opened June 13, 2008 in Manitou Springs, CO.


Pikes Peak Weavers Guild Journal

Members of Pikes Peak Weavers Guild are not only exciting textile artists and craftspersons, but many are also serious scholars who produce materials for various newsletters, journals, and other presentations. In order to make information available to others, some may post items here.

PPWG has acquired copyright or permission to publish items posted on this site so they are subject to U.S. copyright law. Anyone may download copies of items from the Pikes Peak Weavers Guild Journal for his or her own use. However, the user should give credit to the author(s) of the work.

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